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Meet Ankita Zadoo: Founder of Sharva Foundation.

From the very beginning only I was very curious about things. From my childhood only, I was always inclined towards helping others & I was always fascinated with my surroundings. I used to dig deep down into things to know the causes better and this habit only helps me understand the problems better. But, Covid gave me a push and I started Sharva Foundation. 

Hello, I am Ankita Zadoo Founder of Sharva Foundation. I have completed my schooling in Jammu and Kashmir and currently, I am pursuing my graduation that too last semester in Computer Science Engineering from Savitri Bai Phule Pune University. Side by side I am running Sharva foundation and I’m also Vice President at a Pune-based startup – DebuggedExe dealing in website, mobile applications, and digital marketing.

Interview With Ankita Zadoo: Founder of Sharva Foundation.

1. When did you actually think of pursuing your career as an Entrepreneur?

  • What triggered the idea was a simple ‘What if’. What if all of us come together and try and explore the modern problems that we face? This is where it all began and we’re sure that we’re going to go a long way.
  • The incident is very basic and silly for a child to think about. When I was a kid, I used to watch a daily soap series with my mom from which I learned about NGOs. In that series, the girl used to run an NGO but nobody used to support her. Then when I used to go out with my parents I used to observe people asking for help over signals or our housekeepers regarding their child’s fees and other basic help. At that particular time, I made up my mind to do something relevant. I was just 14. Then when I went to Pune for studies I used to utilize my free time working with an environmental NGO –   Swachh Pune Swach Bharat through this, I came in contact with Mr. Kannav Chavan founder of Yug Foundation who taught me and guided me in this field. Then two years back during the pandemic I registered and established the Sharva Foundation.
  • The idea of founding this charitable trust was taken after the chaotic situation of covid-19, the drives, programs, and events were all planned for the betterment of people who were risking their lives out there in these situations and for the children who are the responsible for this nation

2.Which project/contribution do you find had the largest impact on your life?

  • The word “impact” is such a short-term vocabulary to visualize the after effect of an initiative but the epiphany of living in the contribution got real after the session of LGBTQA, it shook us! especially me from the core to realize the profundity of the advertises they have faced. Life of a trans made me fathom the deepest and scariest fears of mine, that is even if you become the greatest version of yourself you will still have the crowd who’ll want you to stutter! Hearing that person, made me acknowledge how privileged I am, no fights to fight for, no stress to dive inn! That person exposed me to insecurities that were never there in reality.
  •  Also, have you ever heard of the proverb ”little drops make the mighty ocean”? With this Rs 1 campaign, we are trying to pursue just that. We believe that if even only one rupee contribution is made by a large mass, it can help us to proactively offer help for any cause or tragedy due to an uncalled situation and by starting this campaign I understood what a value of 1 Rupee is. 

3. What are the causes that you are most passionate about?

  • We have an ongoing campaign “GiveHerWingsToFly” This campaign is about spreading awareness on menstrual hygiene along with which we distribute 3 months of sanitary stock. Through this campaign, we came to know that a lot of women don’t know about sanitary pads and still are facing a lot of issues. In the last two years, we have taught more than 14K women about menstrual hygiene and we have also distributed sanitary napkins.

4. What’s been your most fulfilling giving experience?

  • When people smile and give us blessings I guess that is the best part. Moreover, when you know somebody is not sleeping hungry because of your and your team’s hard work.

5. Which person has had the most influence on you and your life?

  • My dad – From the beginning, he used to help others, be it family, friends, or our housekeepers he has helped everybody. 

6. What was the biggest challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

  • During the initial days, we were facing struggles related to volunteer work. But now we have more than 300 volunteers working with us and still day by day new people are joining and this foundation is growing.

7. According to you, why should people be compassionate?

  • Compassion is showing the true self! That’s how a human must live the life they’ve been gifted being compassionate is the true meaning of being human. That’s why we’re called human beings!

8. What are your philanthropic goals for the future?

  • The true philosophy of life is to be the greater giver than being a bigger receiver! Goals become such small sayings when talking about the world. It’s the service that has to be provided. Service is not that one has to put up a stall and start food or clothing giveaways but service has to be there with in the jobs, Jobs as in whatever you do, doing it with a clear heart and with empathy. And that’s what each one of our teammates has grown into servicing for life and teaching the true meaning of servicing whosoever connects with us to make this world a better place to live in, a better place to breathe in.

9. Impact region & no. Of  Lives impacted?

  • We are working with Pan India and in the past 2 years we have impacted more than 20K lives

10. What is the source of funding for your organization?

  • Our foundation totally works on donations both in-kind and cash. We also have tie-ups with restaurants for food donation drives.

11. How can people connect with your business?

  • To join as a volunteer you can fill out the join us form on our website:
  • Contact details:
  • Contact Number: 9596156678
  • Account number: 0679040100004767   
  • Name: Sharva Foundation information

12. Guide us about your journey after you became an entrepreneur!

  • After working in Sharva I helped my friend to establish a new business that was about digital marketing, websites, and applications. As I am from a Computer Science background it was easy for me to help him. Now, I’m Vice-President in that startup and I am also responsible for the growth of marketing clients.

13. Tell us about your business?

  • The definition of the work that we do at Sharva Foundation can be simplified into three basic steps. We find the people revolving around a specific obstacle. We spread awareness about the issue and ask for their help in the form of donations or labor. We make proper arrangements and depart to the people in need.

14. List down the number of achievements?

Our Approx. Figures from 2020

Food kits distributed:12,000 +
People helped:21,000 +
Blood donated:50+
Trees planted:600+
Sanitary stock donated to:14000 + girls
Reflective collars:300 +

15. Please give us one message that you’d like to give to everyone.

          “As humankind develops, there remain some fragments of us which are left behind, who need our love our support, and a little guidance. By helping we are just applying ethical principles to make a significant difference. And so we hope by doing this small heartfelt deed, we hope to preserve the visions of superheroes for the new generation”

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