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Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in Mexico

Have you already heard whispers of Mexico being one of the best places to eat in the world? Maybe it has been mentioned in your favorite food magazine or heard from experts traveling around Latin America. You would think that if there were truly exquisite food in Mexico, people in Mexico City would be fat and unhealthy but that is not the case. The chefs in Mexico are using local ingredients to create amazing dishes. Some of the country’s most delicious meals come from small restaurants that you may have never ever heard of until now. Find out why you should visit these top restaurants in Mexico on a vacation this year!

People come from all over the world to see Mexico’s beautiful beaches, cities, Mayan ruins and restaurants. With a varied selection of cuisine styles and cultures (mainly Spanish, Mayan and Arabic), Mexico City’s food scene is sure to impress and amaze you. The food here is cheap and authentic, so don’t go thinking you’ll get good food at expensive prices like in the United States. This list of Mexican Restaurants has been tested and approved by me so you know it’s well worth your time. I’m also writing this post to help my fellow aspiring travel bloggers make it through Mexico without an empty stomach (but with a full belly!).

1. El Cardenal

If you’re planning on traveling to Mexico, chances are you’ve heard of the beach town Playa Del Carmen. This may be one of the most popular tourist destinations to go to. The welcoming resorts, exquisite dining, and beautiful people make this a must-see in Mexico. One of the most popular restaurants in Playa Del Carmen is El Cardenal.

Located in the heart of Mexico City, this family-friendly restaurant has been serving up authentic Mexican food since 1969. With an expansive menu and a line-up of dishes sure to satisfy any craving, from tacos to enchiladas to tamales, El Cardenal is a sure bet for great food and an unforgettable experience.

El Cardenal | Photo: El Cardenal

2. Restaurante Nicos

 Are you looking for a meal that’s as good as it is memorable? Then look no further than Restaurante Nicos, which is not only the best restaurant in Mexico City but also one of the most beloved restaurants in all of Mexico.

This elegant yet informal spot has been around for six decades, and while it’s maintained its traditional décor, it’s also kept up with the times by offering an exceptional wine list and an ever-changing menu. You’ll find dishes like mole poblano—a traditional mole made with chicken or pork—as well as more modern creations like seared tuna with ponzu sauce and avocado mousse.

Restaurante Nicos | Photo: Restaurante Nicos

3. Churrería El Moro

This classic restaurant has been serving up mouth watering steaks since 1935, and they’ve perfected the art of grilling over an open flame. The menu offers a wide variety of cuts and preparations, from filet mignon with blue cheese sauce to ribeye topped with garlic butter and sautéed onions.

Churrería El Moro is located in the historic center of Mexico City, just steps away from the Metropolitan Cathedral and Templo Mayor ruins—making it a perfect spot for an elegant evening out!

Since the beginning, they’ve been committed to keeping their classic Mexican dishes as authentic as possible—meaning they use only high-quality ingredients from local farmers and purveyors. This comes in the best Restaurants in Mexico.

Churrería El Moro | Photo: Churrería El Moro

4. Panadería Rosetta

Panadería Rosetta is a bakery that serves fresh, delicious Mexican pastries and breads. You can get any kind of pastry you want—including chocolate croissants, apple turnovers, and fruit tarts—and you can also get sandwiches on their homemade breads. They have breakfast burritos, quesadillas, ham & cheese sandwiches… and they also have a full bar! So if you want to go out with your friends at night and get some drinks while you snack on some amazing food (or maybe just watch sports), this is the place for you. The atmosphere is lively and fun as well—there are TVs everywhere so that everyone can see who’s playing or what movie is on when they come in for dinner or lunch (the menu changes every day).

They have a variety of products, ranging from the traditional Mexican tortillas to more exotic items like their hornazo bread. They also offer sandwiches made with different types of bread such as plain, whole wheat, or white bread.

If you want something sweet, Panadería Rosetta has all kinds of pastries including cakes and cookies. They also offer ice cream cones for dessert!

Panadería Rosetta | Photo: Panadería Rosetta

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