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All You Need to Know About The Worst Match In Cricket History – Richard

Hi, I am Richard and I love cricket. I have been playing and watching cricket since my school days. I am also a writer who loves to write and share stories from my life. I have had many crazy adventures, so there will be plenty of material. Cricket was always the most favourite game of mine and eventually led me to writing articles on the game. Todays article is about The worst match in Cricket History according to me. 

The worst match in Cricket History

On 12th, May 2022 at sharp 7:30, The 59th match between the most-watched and most famous teams of the Indian premier league, When it comes to sporting rivalries, the ‘El Clasico’ derby between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is considered one of the marquee rivalries in the history of the sport. The history, cultural conflict, language differences and struggles of the Spanish Civil War make this sporting rivalry intense and fierce.

When it comes to cricket, there is the Ashes contest between England and Australia that has a 140-year history of competitiveness. However, in the Indian Premier League, in its short 13-year period, there is one rivalry that has managed to grab the attention of billions of fans in the country. That is the IPL clash between Chennai Super Kings(CSK) and Mumbai Indians(MI) involves plenty of drama, action and thrills. The battle between MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma, and in the past between MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar has led to a massive fan following and that is why the Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians clash is dubbed as the ‘El Clasico’ of cricket and IPL history.

On that evening, The legend called “Thala” by his fans and one of the best captains in the world, Ms Dhoni himself gets on to the field to toss the coin…MI chose to bowl first, and the openers of CSK were ready on the field to face the first ball from the ferocious MI bowlers, Daniel Sams hit Devon Conway on the pads and the on-field umpire was quick to raise his finger. Conway wanted to take a review but was told that there was no DRS available due to a power cut at the stadium.

A perplexed Conway had no choice but to walk back to the pavilion for a duck. Non-striker Ruturaj Gaikwad had a word with the umpires. Even MI captain Rohit Sharma joined the conversation as Conway continued his slow walk back to the pavilion.

Replays showed that the ball in all probability would have gone on to miss the leg stump and Conway would have survived had the DRS technology been avail, But it was not so late when people started to find the fixture
by Mumbai and the way umpires helped them, because when Ac, lights, TV’s in the pavilions and the hospitality rooms has the power to work, But no power for DRS, made it even more suspicious. And how come BCCI allowed them to continue the game without power, Made everyone feel that it was another game plan of Mumbai Indians! And the funny statement “that DRS is not available due to a power cut issue in the stadium” became a viral meme. The meme engineers started their work, by creating the memes of the situation.

And the game ended with Mi winning it.

But at the end of the day, MI could have won the match, But CSK has won the hearts of its fans by playing honest and giving a good fight till the end.CSK missed their chance to qualify for playoffs but will come back stronger next year….By this, the match comes to an end and earning it the title, the worst match of Ipl history.

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